Need Help Now

The Purpose

The purpose of The Canterbury Community Trust is to distribute funds for charitable, cultural, philanthropic and recreational benefits which benefit our quality of life. As Canterbury has experienced many earthquakes, the Trustees have created a Special Fund to support the fabric of our community and social infrastructure and assist those in the community that needs our help NOW.
An amount of $2,000,000 has been allocated to this community-driven fund, which is aimed to be allocated within 12 months. It is not for large-scale capital works.

The Recipient

Applicants will be required to meet the following criteria:

  • Deliver their services in the Canterbury region or have a benefit to the Canterbury region
  • Operate primarily in the Youth / Community Development / Social Services sector
  • Show a direct earthquake related increase in demand for services OR
  • Enable new initiatives and projects at a grass root / community level
  • Show a programme which demonstrates sound strategic intent and solid capability to deliver
  • Show a programme which demonstrates real benefit to the community

The Funds

There are two main parts to this fund.

Need Help Now

Many groups within Canterbury have experienced greater demands on their services as a direct result of the earthquakes. Consequently, the cost of delivering community-related services has risen and many post-earthquake emergency funding sources have now dried up putting stress on already stretched resources.

There are also some great ideas out there which can make a significant difference in our region. These can either make the most of the rebuild opportunities or rethink the way organisations might work and deliver services. We are keen to help make these dreams a reality by assisting with the operating expenses in the execution of those ideas.

The total in this fund is $1,850,000.

Application Process:

There is a short application available on our website. If we have not funded you in the past we would also like some standard material, including your most recent audited accounts, chairperson’s report, and Trust Deed / Constitution.
We also require a pre-encoded deposit slip of your bank account should you be successful.

There is a limit per group of $50,000. A full report, including measurement of the effect of the programme, will need to be supplied back to TCCT

Building Communities

There are lots of great ideas around about sparking community wellbeing and communities defining themselves. Tell us what you need. This might include
a monthly neighbourhood sausage sizzle, some money to improve your playground equipment or sort out welcome packs for communities and migrants.
The total in this fund is $150,000.

Application Process:

There is a one-page application. This application could include written quotes, and needs to be endorsed by a member of your local Community Board.
There is a limit per group/entity of $5,000.


• Alcohol-related events

Application Forms

  • Need Help Now Fund
  • Need Help Now Fund – Building Communities