Swedish Architect Firm Unika Stenhus Donates $5000 to The Water Project

Unika Stenhus, a Swedish architectural firm that specializes in sustainable unique stone houses, has just donated $5,000 to The Water Project. This donation by the leading architectural firm will go a long way in helping The Water Project establish reliable water sources in the communities of sub-Saharan Africa.

About Unika Stenhus

The Fairytale House

The generous donor, Unika Stenhus is a Sweden-based architecture company that specializes in designing and building concrete houses. Unika Stenhus has been making headlines for its ground-breaking innovations in concrete house design. Of notable importance is “The Fairytale House”, infusing traditional Japanese style architecture with the Swedish sustainability architecture.   

The genius behind this innovation is architect Ola Torrång SAR/MSA. Working for an architectural firm in Japan after he got his degree, he was greatly inspired by traditional Japanese architecture – simple, natural, and flexible.

With this inspiration in mind and the principle of sustainability in Swedish architecture, he began to develop prototypes over the years to create a hybrid concrete house that is unique and fully customizable.

After several years, The Fairytale House was born. A completely bespoke concrete house, it has functional features that are energy efficient and sustainable. When it comes to aesthetic appeal, the hybrid house is as beautiful as it is functional.

Designed to accommodate a large or small family, The Fairytale House has a flexible house plan, adjusting for rooms when the need arises. It is designed with removable partitions and the windows are strategically placed for maximum privacy. In addition, the house features unique sections such as a laundry chute and a winter garden. To add to the house’s aesthetics, a pond and a love alcove can also be added.

The red-tiled roof and the cupola on it address sustainability as is the foundation of the entire hybrid house. The foundations are maintenance free; it does not burn, rot, and deteriorate. In fact, it is beneficial for day-night temperature regulation. Hence, the home can last for up to a hundred years.

The cupola

The Fairytale House seems too good to be true – the perfect balance of aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability, but in fact, it is flawlessly designed and executed that it is the ultimate dream house in this modern day and age that homeowners truly need.

For more information about Unika Stenhus, visit https://www.unikastenhus.se/betonghus

It’s not only good, but it’s a product of great architecture!

The Beneficiary

In line with the goals of the architectural innovations of Unika Stenhus and architect Ola Torrång, the beneficiary The Water Project is a non-profit organization that aims to provide sub-Saharan communities with clean and safe water for consumption.

Beyond this, it is The Water Project’s goal to provide a sustainable means to keep clean water flowing so it in turn unlock human potential.

The beauty about donating with The Water Project is that you get a comprehensive update of the project’s development, from the time the project is conceptualized up to the time it is up and running and even future developments.