What We Fund

We fund charitable, cultural, philanthropic and recreational groups to benefit our four regions – all of which benefit our quality of life.

Our Grants

We fund many sectors within the community, find out which sector you sit under and learn about how the application process works, particularly if this is your first time applying.

Getting You Started Guide

Whether or not it is your first time applying to The Canterbury Community Trust we want to make process as clear for you as possible. We have put together a Guide to Get Started which covers all the information you will need to put together your application.

Apply Online

All it takes to get you started is 2 easy steps. These steps include registering online and completing the application.

Where We Fund

Over the last financial year we have helped 1,324 organisations over our four funding regions (Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and the Chatham Islands) achieve their goals and change the lives of many in a lasting way.

1 Nelson
2 Marlborough
3 Canterbury
4 Chatham Islands